Estate Probate Attorney in St. Louis

A probate administration or estate administration can range from extremely simple to very complex depending on what, if any, planning steps were taken before an individual became incapacitated or died. If estate planning is the process of designing a playbook, estate administration is the process of putting that playbook into action. When a comprehensive estate plan is in place prior to disability or death, the administration process can be quite simple and straightforward. If, however, few planning steps were taken before the individual’s incapacity or death, a probate administration may be required which can be more time consuming and complex. In such circumstances, our competent and experienced attorneys will work to guide survivors through the probate administration process as sensitively and efficiently as possible.  

Regardless of whether a comprehensive plan is in place or a probate administration is required, our estate probate attorneys will work to provide comfort and clarity to survivors by making the administration process as transparent as possible with affordable fees and a clear outline of the steps necessary to complete an estate administration.

Our estate probate attorneys assist Personal Representatives, Trustees, and Agents under Powers of Attorney in carrying out their duties by:

1.    Educating them on their duties and responsibilities under the law.
2.    Assisting in Probate Administration.
3.    Coordinating with other professional advisors on tax, investment and
       insurance issues.
4.    Preparing documents transferring asset titles to beneficiaries.
5.    Directing preparation of income and estate tax returns.
6.    Preparing inventories and accountings for beneficiaries and the Court.
7.    Obtaining appraised values for estate assets.
8.    Dealing with debts and creditors’ claims.